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Farmi wood chippers offers a suitable chipper for every kind of work – for energy chippingfor landscaping – for soil improvement - for combustion - for industrial – for dry litter etc. Tree trunks, logging and saw mill waste, saplings, twigs and branches from parks are good raw material for chips and can be chipped with Farmi chipper. As well as waste paper for bedding or recycling purposes, break plastic down into an easily transportable chip form, all can be shred by a Farmi chipper..
Farmi Bioenergy wood chippers CH180, CH260 and CH380 are ideal for agricultural purposes, municipal and contract use. With landscaping wood chipper  CH180 brushwood, bushes, saplings etc. can be chipped for composting or as dry litter surfacing for jogging tracks and gardens can be produced.

  • Farmi CH180 Wood Chipper
  • Farmi CH260 Wood Chipper
  • Farmi CH380 Wood Chipper

Farmi wood chippers have reduced power demand. The trunk is fed into and cut at an angle to the rotor between the knife and anvil. By feeding at an angle the trunk is being pulled in by the knives which enhances operation with a manual infeed hopper. Simply - due to the diagonal feeding good chipping results are reached at lower power demand and less fuel.
  • Easy, Efficient, Fast
  • Perfect for Bioenergy
  • Industrial, Landscaping
  • Agricultural, Recycling


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