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Ease Of Operation
The low feeding point ensures effortless feeding of the chipper. The operator can stand with a straight back.  The chipper stands by itself on the ground and is easy to hook up or remove from the tractor.

Safety Features
The Farmi chippers do not have any knife motion toward the operator. This reduces risk of material flying back through the feed chute. The discharge height is under 4 feet so the chips fly out below eye level. To accomplish safe operation in various wind directions, the chipper's discharge direction is adjustable 360 degrees. An adjustable deflector bonnet enables placing the chips near or far. The chipper feeds the material smoothly and does not jerk it from the operator's hands.  The knives are counter sunk into the disk for safety.

Ease of Service
The upper-housing of the chipper folds up for easy access to the knives.  The knives can be sharpened about 50 times before replacement. The changing of the knives takes about 10 minutes. The knives are easy to get to, and no special tools are needed for the change.

Interchangeable Feed Chutes
The feed chutes of the chipper are on a hinge, so the chute can be folded to the side for access to the anvil and knives. The feed chutes are detachable. One can hook up either feed chute option to an existing machine.

Hydraulic Power Feed Option
The Farmi Woodchippers can be ordered or retrofitted with a hydraulic power feed. The power feed is useful when whole trees with branches are chipped. The hydraulic feed is controlled from a control bar which runs on top of the feed chute. The operator can select feed, stop and reverse from the control bar.

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